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Hi there! This year, I introduced a new aspect of 12 and Beyond: Quizlet. Any time I release a French Connection or It All Adds Up post, I’ll provide a link at the bottom of each post that you can click on to access an accompanying study set. In each study set, I’ll be providing helpful review questions that summarize the post’s content.

Before using Quizlet, I used to post review questions onto separate blog pages, and doing this was unnecessarily hard for me. Instead, Quizlet offers a centralized place for me to emphasize current and previous content in one centralized place.

In fact, Quizlet has allowed me to emphasize earlier content that, while I may have covered earlier in my education, may be brand new for some of you. Over the past few months, I’ve added several study sets in relation to earlier content in a folder called French Connection Basics, which can be accessed here.

As a bonus, I also use the TwelveAndBeyond quizlet account as my personal account, so over time I’ll be adding my own sets (unrelated to blog content) to a folder called Gabe’s Study Sets, which can be accessed here. I’ve already released content such as the Periodic Table and sewing supplies.

The way you can access my Quizlet account is by either clicking the image found at the very top of this page, clicking here, or following any links found in posts.

Happy studying!


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