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Welcome to Global Interests, a place where I share details about every post, series, update, and happening on 12 and Beyond.  Feel free to browse around, and be sure to check out this month’s post calendar (found on the sidebar) to find out when each post releases.

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In Tune

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Music is something that defines me. Every other week, I select a song from my Apple Music listening that has moved me in a unique way and highlight it in a special biweekly post. I try to highlight a variety of songs, from pop music to my nighttime Soothing Waters radio. Discover a new song by browsing through the “In Tune” category, or look out for a new edition every other Tuesday!

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12 and Beyond Special Editions

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When I release something outside of my normal posts, it could be about anything.  These posts can range from personal posts, writing pieces, to my views about the world around me. Look out for the logo on the left on the post calendar (found in the sidebar) to find out when a special edition will release!

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