Word Wise 2017 | The Complete Collection

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Welcome to the 2017 collection of 12 and Beyond’s original series, Word Wise. Over the past year, 365 words have been featured on 12 and Beyond, all hand-picked and designed to enhance your vocabulary. This collection of words represents a complete variety of real-world sources, including journalism, novels, and verbal speech, that caught my attention over the past year. And thus, this year’s purpose of Word Wise has been fulfilled- to assist both myself and others to have in-depth conversations, to write with an author’s vocabulary, and overall, gain confidence in the words we use to express ourselves. And more words await you too- visit the Word Wise page for the latest words as we begin 2018 with a theme of optimism. 

Please enjoy the complete 2017 Word Wise archive below.

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Word Wise- September 23, 2016

Word of the Day2

Hello! Here is today’s word of the day:


Noun; A drawing, picture, or portrait of the outline of a person or object often filled in with a solid black color.

My example sentence: After returning from a vacation late at night, I stumbled over a chair that was surrounded by numerous other silhouettes, making it confusing to navigate the kitchen.

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