Off to high school…


I can’t believe it’s already here. It feels like just yesterday I was a small 6th-grader entering Middle School. Well, it’s been 3 years. And I thoroughly enjoyed middle school- I entered at the perfect time- the school had just finished renovations, and all my teachers were amazing. 

And now, I’m going off to an even bigger (and one heck of a confusing) school as a mature 9th grader. And today (well, at the time you’re reading this) is my first day.

The future’s bright- new friends to make, new classes to take, unintentional rhymes to create. I’m taking all honors classes (and an engineering course, along with French and Orchestra), so I’m (not) prepared for loads of work each night- but it’ll all be worth it.

This Summer, I wasn’t as active as I had hoped I’d be. And with certainty, I’ll be much less active this fall and beyond. Alas, there are still exciting things to come: a revamped It All Adds Up coming this fall, more featured photos (by the way- a new post releases 9/5!), and lots more exciting content.

More is to come when I release the September post calendar on September 10th.

I now have glasses! 👍  (Shoutout to Warby Parker!)

I’m getting braces! 👎

It’s going to be a great year! We’ll see what new adventures are to come.

Wish me luck on my first day!


Welcome To The New 12 and Beyond!

Good morning! Welcome to the new home of 12 and Beyond:!

Of course, that’s only the beginning: I’m sure you’ve noticed, but 12 and Beyond looks completely different too. With a new design, new graphics, and so much more, I’m not sure where to begin.

So let’s start with the biggest change: the theme. Believe me, I enjoyed writing with Hemingway Rewritten, but it eventually ran its course. I wanted something a bit more professional, streamlined, and simpler. And so, I came across Lovecraft, the theme you see now, and put my own 12 and Beyond spin on it with new colors, fonts, and layouts.

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Project: 12 and Beyond Announcement

I’ve got big news. 12 and Beyond is about to go under a major overhaul starting this Saturday, and I have all the details of what the update will include below. I’m really excited!

Before I get to that, though, I’ll be releasing specifics as far as the update process in a later post this week, just know this: 12 and Beyond will TEMPORARILY become private around 9:30 am EST this Saturday, so don’t be alarmed. You won’t be able to access 12 and Beyond at all. No worries though- 12 and Beyond will reopen the following Saturday (around 9:30 am as well) and the updates would be complete.

At this point, I am unsure whether I will be able to purchase a domain at the time. So, next Saturday, visit the same domain you’re used to ( and either:

a) You’ll be redirected to 12 and Beyond’s new domain (if I purchase the domain), which would be

or b) The domain will be the same as before the update, and you’ll still arrive at the same website.

This way, no matter what happens as far as the domain, you’ll still get to the right place.

I have so many things that are coming in this update, but here’s an overview:


Goodbye, Hemingway Rewritten.


So long, #83cccc.


You’ll see.


For everything- and I mean everything. The new ones are of either of my own creation, or they contain un-copyrighted images (I’ve verified this) instead of the probably copyrighted ones found on the internet which you see now. There’ll be new graphics for posts, pages, and the sidebar. Which leads me to…


A new post calendar, new reorganization, and more.


Not only graphics- I’ll be updating the content of my pages too.


I have 2 more posts arriving soon after the update regarding my trip.


More details after the update.


Which I’ll share after the update.

I’m really excited- there are major changes in store for 12 and Beyond.

Like I said, the official update times and procedure for the update will be released at some point this week. I can’t wait for you to see the new 12 and Beyond!

Thanks for your support!



12 and Beyond is Back | Summer 2017

Good morning, and welcome to the start of the 3rd year of 12 and Beyond!

That’s right- at the beginning of June 2 years ago, 12 and beyond opened for the first time, and I have to say it’s come so far. I’m also really excited about things to come…

But for now, while I was on break, I updated a few things around 12 and Beyond. Here’s whats new:


A while back, I posted about how I was revamping my Category system, and that’s exactly what I finished doing over break. All 300-something of my posts have been separated (correctly this time) into their appropriate category system, and the categories themselves have changed too! I’ve added several new categories to account for every type of post I’ve released, instead of resorting to a default category. You may not notice this right now, but I’ve also made it very easy for me to see when I forget to put a post into a category (there still has to be a default category existing, it just may not show!)


As you know, I love to read. And so I thought I’d share the books that I’d be reading over the Summer (both by assignment and for enjoyment) in a Sidebar list, complete with emoji bullets. I’ve only just started it up, so expect many more books to be added in time.

Project: 12 and Beyond

I’ve been working on something big… and I mean really big.

Over the break, I’ve been designing, creating, and exploring new aspects of a complete overhaul of 12 and Beyond, and I’ve got a lot planned out. I’ve also planned something special to go along with my 2nd anniversary. I’m not going to share much at this time, but you won’t recognize 12 and Beyond when this happens (all good things!). I’ll have official details coming at the middle of July, and the updates will occur near the end of July.

It’s going to be an exciting month! Check out July’s post calendar for all of this month’s happenings, and be ready for official Project 12 announcements soon!

Let 12 and Beyond’s 3rd summer of blogging begin!



July Post Calendar (Updated)

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.17.25 PM.png

Things To Note

  • July 1-2: I’ll be finishing up my Cross Country trip (more details from previous posts) and preparing for upcoming posts and updates.
  • July 3: 12 and Beyond returns for the Summer! I’ll be announcing some of the exciting changes that have come to 12 and Beyond over the break.
  • July 4-8: I have reserved these days for posts regarding my trip: from sharing pictures, highlights, and the itinerary, it’ll be great.
  • July 9: A special post releases regarding my Cross Country Trip.
  • Daily: Word Wise continues to release on the “Word Wise” page.


  • Please read the text at the top of the calendar for more information about July’s happenings.
  • Please note that you can easily access the post calendar by clicking on the image on the sidebar of 12 and Beyond.
  • Project: 12 and Beyond will launch at the end of July (details coming soon), but it’ll be the first overhaul of 12 and Beyond as you know it. It’ll include:
    • a new domain
    • new graphics
    • new blog theme
    • new header images
    • updates to pages and sidebar
    • and more…

Thanks for reading! I’ll return in just a few days…


Cross-Country Trip Announcement

Hi there! Thanks for waiting through my end of year break- I can officially say that I am finished with 8th grade! Going into high school… wow. I can’t wait to resume blogging, but I’ve got something very exciting to announce first.

Over the next week or so, before 12 and Beyond returns on July 3rd, I am going to be taking a cross-country train trip, and I’m very excited. From where I live, we’ll fly out to Chicago and board a train. We’ll travel south, see the Grand Canyon (among many other exciting things!), and then get off in California. (The train does stop several times before reaching California, but California marks the end of the particular route).

We’ll get off in Los Angeles, tour the city, fly North to San Francisco, tour there as well, see Alcatraz and the Redwoods, and then board a train and travel back to Chicago, where we will stay a few nights and then fly back to Connecticut.

There’s a lot more in store for this trip than I mentioned, but I’ll speak more about the entirety of my trip when I return, with several exciting posts scheduled to contain pictures, the itinerary, and written highlights. (I won’t be taking my Mac on the trip, so I gave myself a few extra days of break to prepare these posts).

I’m super excited to share about this trip, and of course to start Summer blogging. And, if you haven’t already noticed, there have been several summer updates already made to 12 and Beyond that I’ll announce in a “What’s New To 12 and Beyond” post when I come back.

I hope everyone has a phenomenal start to their summer. I’ll see you when I return!


June Calendar of Posts

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.23.34 PM.png

Things To Note:

  • June 1-20: As I do every year, I’ll be taking a posting break so that I can finish my 8th grade school year.
  • June 21: Though I’ve already mentioned it, I’ll be scheduling an official announcement regarding my Cross Country trip, which will begin the next day.
  • June 22-July 3: I’ll be on a Cross-Country trip. You’ll be able to reference the June 21st post for more details. During this time, a scheduled July Calendar of Posts will release.
  • Word Wise: While it may release in lump sums, Word Wise will release throughout the month. Visit the ‘Word Wise’ page for today’s word of the day!


Read the text under the calendar, as I explain how this month will go. If you can’t access the image, you can use the text below:

12 and Beyond will temporarily close from June 1st to July 3rd for summer updates and to allow myself to finish my 8th grade school year. In addition, I will be taking a cross-country train trip from June 22 to July 1. While I will not blog during this time, I may release several posts regarding this trip in the following days. A post regarding this trip will be released on June 21. For the month of June, no regularly scheduled posts will be published. Word of the Day will still release, though the words may be released in large sums at certain periods throughout the month, instead of daily. I’m looking forward to sharing some exciting stories from this month and to continue blogging in July. Happy Summer!


You can also access and enlarge the post calendar through the sidebar.

Since any posts released during June will be scheduled far in advance, I want to wish everyone a great start to Summer- I can’t wait to share about my trip!