About Me

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Enchanté! My name is Gabe, I am 14 years old, and I just started 9th grade! Currently, I live in Connecticut with my parents and two younger sisters. I love working with and learning about technology (and I’m a huge Apple fan), and I aspire to explore the field of software engineering. During my free time, my idea of exercise is swimming laps. I also really enjoy playing the piano and viola. To relax, I love reading books, and go through them like water. Join me as I muse about my latest adventures, good reads, and views on the world around me!

About 12 and Beyond

I started 12 and Beyond when I was 12 years old (this is my third year of blogging). It started out as a way for me to exercise content from the school year during the Summer, as well as continue to do research for these topics. As a result, 12 and Beyond was created in May of 2015 with three series: French Connection, It All Adds Up, and Word Wise. I quickly started to write book reviews as well, and all four of these series still stand today.

However, as both myself and 12 and Beyond evolved, 12 and Beyond still held its presence in education, but I began to use blogging to delve into other topics too. If you scroll through my 300+ posts, you’ll find posts of all sorts- like Amusing ‘Muses’, which didn’t amount to much, ‘Adventure Awaits’, which also didn’t amount to much, and Le Mot Du Jour (French Word of the Day), which was eventually discontinued. I’m not being negative here, though. This was just the start of me expanding 12 and Beyond to be a haven for everything I was passionate about- the start of a path that was necessary to go through to get where 12 and Beyond is today. I now have posts ranging from music, photo galleries, to travel expertise, and more which can be found on the Global Interests page.

And of course, 12 and Beyond will continue to evolve in the years to come. Just this past July, 12 and Beyond’s entire interface was redesigned, and while most everything will continue to change- whether it be expanding to new interfaces, or rethinking what a post can be- – 12 and Beyond’s mission, and my passion for writing and for blogging, won’t.

So thanks for visiting 12 and Beyond. I hope you’ll be inspired by my view of the world.



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