Foundations of Algebra II

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Welcome to the new season of 12 and Beyond’s math-based series, It All Adds Up! As I embark on my sophomore year of high school, I’ve begun taking Algebra II. Already, in comparison to Geometry, I feel the course is much harder, and the pace is insane- just how I like it.

So far, we’ve jumped all over the place in terms of topics, since we essentially covered 2 1/2 chapters of algebra review in a week. Thus, I’m going to pick and choose a few interesting topics to discuss today: Absolute Value Equations and Interval Notation. 

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Glee’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’

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Never before has a TV show affected me with such honesty, depth and pure beauty.

It’s unfathomable.

Before I get into what I intend on writing about, I’ve been meaning to write a post about Glee for quite a while now. My sisters and mom have been absolutely obsessed with the show as of late, and I’ll be honest, i’ve found myself tuning into more than a few shows as well. In just the past month or so, we’ve made it five seasons in, and thus, reached the inevitable episode.

Glee is just astounding. The show itself speaks wonders about the struggles of teenagers today, and was incredibly ahead of its time in terms of awareness. Looking back on it now, the messages still resonate just as much today as they did when the show first launched.

The character dynamics and themes intertwined are truly gratifying to watch, between the relationships built, obstacles overcome, and accolades achieved. From the lowest points to the highest points, i’ve been captivated by the pure selflessness, yet confidence, of each and every character as they develop. Even Sue, in the darkest moments, resonates the most loving, human traits.

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L’an D’école Nouveau

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Welcome to the new Season of French Connection! This year, I’ll be publishing monthly essays all in French, and to the best of my ability (at a high school level- without a translator). Thus, for those familiar with the language, my writing will appear superfluous and intermittent as I continue to build fluency. For my other readers, you can feel free to translate this post using the button on the Sidebar. Please enjoy.


Cette est très nouveau pour moi! J’ai jamais écrit tout en français sur mon blog, mais je suis excité! J’ai appris le langue pour trois ans, mais il est toujours beaucoup pour exploration. Je pense que je peux parler bien, mais a ce point, seulement avec trop des mots, et ils sont des phrases que je ne sais pas encore, ou j’oublie. A les plus moins, je peux exprimer que je veux, en general.

Durant la dernier semaine d’Aout, j’ai commencé mon dixième an d’école. Je suis très contente, parce que mes amis meilleurs sont dans mes classes, et comme le premier an, mes profs sont excellent.

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