It All Adds Up: Goals For The Future

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Welcome to the 50th edition of It All Adds Up, 12 and Beyond’s dedicated math series.

Over the past three years, It All Adds Up has been ever-changing, yet has remained at the heart of my mission here at 12 and Beyond. After all, the origins of 12 and Beyond find their roots in education.

In all this time, I’ve shared mini-lessons related to countless aspects of both Algebra and Geometry, and I have full intent to continue to do so. But as time passes, and I continue experimenting and improving these lessons, I’ve begun to plan out the near future of It All Adds Up.

The focus of It All Adds Up will always be to provide my readers with useful mathematic skills related to content I’m learning in school. And next year, I’ll be taking Algebra II, opening up many new opportunities for discovery.

As I bring my year of geometry to a close, reflecting upon my lessons, there are some really great things that we’ve accomplished, but also many ways in which I can improve. For one, most of my previous lessons have been very by-the-book unit lessons. For a high-schooler who can’t release posts every day, it became really difficult to give a comprehensive understanding of geometry as I remained focused on more specific topics as opposed to the bigger picture.

In the future, my lessons are going to be significantly more concept based. I’m not a math teacher. I’m a high school student. And the great thing about blogging about my education is that I begin to understand the topics I write about better. But by just feeding you the definitions and theorems found from each individual unit, there is little greater understanding apart from further review that results. Each of you has your own education to attend to- and the individual details of each unit are best fit for that.

By focusing on the broader picture, It All Adds Up can be significantly more beneficial both for me and for your understanding as a reader. It All Adds Up will continue to keep its core mission at heart, but will be presented in a new, fresh way.

I’ll be providing more details about the new year of It All Adds Up later this Summer before the school year begins. For now, It All Adds Up will continue as it has been and will wrap up Geometry over the next four editions that will release in July and August once 12 and Beyond returns in late June.

Thank you so much for your support over the past 50 editions, and I look forward to the bright future of It All Adds Up.



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