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Over Holiday Break, my family and I watched countless movies. We tend to gravitate towards movies that get considered as ‘Editor’s Picks’ or get nominated for Oscars, though we threw in a few comedies as well. A few notable ones that we watched were LION, Life of Pi, and The Outsiders, but my favorite would have to be A Ghost Story, a low-budget movie that grapples with our perspective on life, touching on the idea that life goes on after death, while also making the audience consider the magnitude of their choices in life. It’s a very mysterious, thought-provoking film, but definitely not horror as the name would suggest. This mood is, of course, complemented by a phenomenal soundtrack. Naturally, it differs from the what you’d expect from a soundtrack, especially given that A Ghost Story is so slow-moving.

The entire soundtrack is wonderful, so I decided to choose just one song to represent it:

Little Notes by Daniel Hart.Image result for a ghost story album cover It fits the movie perfectly, between the eerie rising of electronic chords to the sentiment of strings towards the end of the song. It remains in touch with the emotion, the pondering, experienced throughout the movie. And as ghostly and slow-moving as the piece is, it perfectly captures the struggle with purpose and perspective. The particular song takes place at the beginning of the movie, as the wife writes small notes that the Ghost will later return to in order to bring closure to his afterlife.

As is always the case, it’s the soundtrack that makes a movie. And, in the case of A Ghost Story, it remains no different. You can encapsulate the heartfelt tragedy found within A Ghost Story with the music alone.

Another one of my favorites from the soundtrack? The Secret in the Wall.

While the movie is rated on the lighter side of R (15+), any song in the soundtrack that is instrumental and by Daniel Hart contains no explicit content. Therefore, if you would like to listen to this song in particular, you can view it on your preferred streaming service (I use Apple Music), or through YouTube by visiting this link.

And, as a new feature of my YouTube channel, I have compiled a list of all previous In Tune features and compiled them onto a playlist, which you can access on my home page by clicking here.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!


Album Cover ©Milan Entertainment Inc.



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