Word Wise 2018 Begins January 7th

Word Wise 2018 Logo.png12 and Beyond’s word-of-the-day series, Word Wise, returns for its 2018 season on January 7th.

This year, in the wake of the strifes our globe continuously faces, we’ll focus on optimism. From now until next December, 365 words will be featured that you can incorporate into your conversations in hopes to brighten your own day among those of others, and encourage you to view the world from a positive standpoint and look for the best qualities in people and the world around us.

12 and Beyond’s tagline has always been, “My View of the World”, and this year, I’ll be striving to make that view a definitively positive one. Just as if you look for the bad in almost anything, if you look for the good in something, I guarantee you’ll find it.

Join me on this journey beginning January 7 on the Word Wise page.

In addition, you can view the trailer for this year’s Word Wise here.

Thanks for reading!