12 and Beyond in 2017 | A Year in Review

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So much happened in 2017, between our country, our culture, and our community. And despite the countless strifes we faced together throughout the year, we must also acknowledge what made the year great, and ring in 2018 with a face of optimism.

There are countless news outlets that have covered their stances on 2017 as a whole, but today, I want to focus on 2017 at a much smaller level, and acknowledge my own blog. There’s a lot that changed (for better or for worse) in regards to 12 and Beyond, so for now, let’s reflect on some of my favorite highlights.

Word Wise

Word Wise is a series that has been around since the beginning of 12 and Beyond, but this year is the first that 12 and Beyond is set to have accomplished all 365 words that in previous years have been cut short by so many.

New Word Wise Logo.png

Word Wise also faced many changes during 2017. The 2017 series began in January, like usual, and became more streamlined than in previous years by moving to a single page rather than sporadic posts that often lagged behind the actual date. Word Wise also received a new logo, a new page interface, and a focused goal.

And, as this year’s Word Wise comes to a close, you’ll be able to easily view the entire archive through a post that releases on December 31. Not to mention, 2018’s Word Wise is planned to be just as great (more details to come New Years Eve!).

You can catch up on this year’s collection of word-of-the-day words by visiting the Word Wise Page at the top of 12 and Beyond!

New Series

In 2017, 12 and Beyond introduced two brand-new series: In Tune and A Tail Of Three Kittens.


With the addition of In Tune, I was able to express one of my greatest passions:music, where I’d feature one song that moved me in a unique way, whether it be piano melodies or heartfelt, soulful vocals, in a special biweekly post.

A Tail of Three Kittens stemmed from a real life experience: a cat had three babies underneath our house, and throughout the year, we’ve chronicled our adventures with them as they grew up right outside our window.

Both series have debuted to my liking, and will continue in 2018. And, 12 and Beyond’s featured series, like French Connection and It All Adds Up, also continued strong, and even received Fall redesigns as I entered high school.

Cross-Country Trip

Back in June, my grandfather invited me on a train trip that would travel from California Header 18to Chicago. It was life changing, and I experienced wonders the likes of the Grand Canyon, Chicago’s architecture, and San Francisco’s personality.

The trip cumulated in one of my favorite posts to date, My View of the United States, along with numerous photo galleries and special editions to supplement it.

Project: 12 and Beyond

A short time after I returned my trip, I took 12 and Beyond down for a week and completely overturned the existing interface on 12 and Beyond (here’s what 12 and Beyond looked like before the update).

There were new pages added, new graphics, new colors, and an entire new theme. 12 and Beyond was built upon an entirely new personality that expressed my own. And the update also brought along several other features, like new header images, a redesigned sidebar and footer, a new domain (12andBeyond.com) and a streamlined appearance. This update brought forth the new 12 and Beyond, and for now, it’s everything I need it to be.

And so much more…

12 and Beyond brought forth so many more inspiring experiences. This year, I tried more than ever to express these through the redefined category of Special Editions. A few of my favorites include how a news magazine helped me gain a new perspective on our country, how a new laptop helped me gain motivation for my writing, how the holidays help me find joy, along with my favorite book review: Lincoln in the Bardo.

2017 was a big year. And 2018 stands to be even greater.

Thanks for a remarkable year.


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