What the Holidays Mean to Me

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If I had to think of one word that encompasses the holiday season, it’d be family. And I’m sure that so many others share that same view- and perhaps that’s for a reason.

For me, the Holiday Season is made so magical simply because of the little joys that come along with it.

And I’m not just talking about Christmas morning. While coming downstairs on Christmas morning, taking in the elaborate array of presents my mom had set out for us, and unwrapping our presents together as a family is arguably one of the most special feelings of the holidays, there’s so much more to be found, if only you look for it.

I’m very corny when it comes to things like this- I get excited for the little traditions, even for things that would bore most people (especially those my age) out of their minds. That might mean spending hours on end wrapping presents for my sisters, or spending time looking around Crate and Barrel, picking out ornaments, stockings, and other elements to our celebration.

This Christmas, I’m not asking (nor have I ever) for the latest xBox, PlayStation, or whatever Nintendo console is all the rage today (is it the Switch that’s incredibly popular right now?). I’m asking instead for a very nice desk light, boxes of clothes from Abercrombie that still carry the scent of their Fierce colognes, among other, more sentimental gifts. And with that comes a greater appreciation for the holidays- you feel the desire to put more effort into the gifts and thoughts for others, as well as appreciate the effort that others put in for you.

Especially as you grow older, and grow out of the “Santa” stage, your whole perspective changes. Instead of being weighed down by my childhood beliefs being utterly contradicted, I found myself taking on new traditions. I’m in charge of moving our elves at night. I’m in on Santa’s gifts far in advance, and help my Mom with shopping and wrapping, which is so awesome, because my youngest sister is at her prime time when it comes to this. She continues to be filled with the childhood joy that comes from this time of year, and unlike I thought years ago, that feeling never really goes away. When I’m an adult and have kids, I’m sure I’ll be carrying the same passion along with me.

For now, there’s still so much joy to be found in the Holidays, between partaking in the annual Christmas cookie decorating, decorating the tree, waking up to snow covering the trees, stuffing stockings on Christmas Eve, and watching my sisters shriek with joy on Christmas morning.

Having been in this new position for a few years now, there’s so much to love about it. I still feel the same joy that would greet me Christmas morning for years, just in different ways. That, to me, is what makes the holidays so magnificent.

For the holidays, I want you to pass on this joy to others- to your siblings, your sons and daughters, to a random stranger on the street. Be optimistic about the future to come- the life we live now is so extraordinarily wonderful.

And so, I want to thank all of those who have visited 12 and Beyond as I matured over the past year. The passion for writing you have evoked out of me is something I’m so grateful for. I wish everyone the greatest of holidays!

Gabe ☃️

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