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The holidays are nearly here, and with it comes the final French Connection of the year!

We’ve been very busy in French class over the past few weeks, and so I’ll list some additional topics that we’ve discussed below that we won’t get to today.

The topics to be discussed today are in red:

  • Additional work with reflexive verbs (i.e. performing an action on SOMEONE ELSE)
    • This would be written similar to je vous écrire une lettre (I write you a letter)
  • Irregular forms of the passé composé using the verb avoir
    • I made a bonus Quizlet set based on this! Click here to access it!
  • Preparing for a party vocabulary
  • Asking for help

The way my French class this year is formatted is slightly more disorganized than last year, as are the vocabulary sheets we are given. So, like last time, the list below contains various vocabulary words that all relate to the overall preparation for the holidays. These are more general, though, so if you want more December-themed vocabulary, you’ll want to read this post.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 8.10.02 PM.png

As to why dried fruit needed to be on this list… I’m not entirely sure. But hopefully you’ll find some of these terms to be useful when communicating in French. The last several terms on the list are especially useful when communicating. You might say:

Tu peux m’aider à nourrir les chiens? (feed the dogs)

Ça t’ennuie de mettre la table? (set the table)

In addition, the following terms are also useful in talking about the above tasks.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 8.15.40 PM.png

Note the use of the passé composé in several of the terms!

For these, you might say…

Tu as déjà arroser les plantes? (water the plants)

Tu as pensé à tondre le gazon? (cut the lawn)

Tu as bien acheter les fruits? (buy fruit)

A classmate and I wrote a dialogue using some of this vocabulary as well, and I thought I’d share it below.

Mon ami a une anniversaire demain!

Oh! Dit-elle bon anniversaire! Qu'est-ce que tu vas elle donner pour une cadeaux?

Je vais elle donner une boite de chocolates!

C'est très bon! Moi, je vais offre-lui une carte d'anniversaire.

Bonne Idée! Tu as envoyé les invitations?

Pas encore. Premier, je dois écris les invitations.

Mais la fête est demain!

Désolé! Je peux ranger la maison si tu veux.

D'accord. Tu veux quelle musique pour la fête?

John adore le rap, mais les autre invités déteste le rap!

C'est une probleme!

Tu peux m'aider à décorer la maison?

Oui, je l'ai faite hier.

Aussi, nous devons acheter les amuse-gules, les ballons, et les fruit secs. Tu peux faire des courses?

Pas maintenant, premier je dois nourrir les chats. Tu as organizer la fête?

J'ai complètement oublié! Peut-être, nous ne pouvons pas avoir la fête! 


We tried to add in a bit of subtle humor in there, and it also contains a more comprehensive overview of the vocabulary from this unit. Please keep in mind though that this was written to include certain vocabulary words, and thus may be choppy in some places (and that this was written by two 9th grade students, not professionals).

Thanks so much for reading! French Connection will return early in the new year.


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