Word Wise 2017 | The Complete Collection

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Welcome to the 2017 collection of 12 and Beyond’s original series, Word Wise. Over the past year, 365 words have been featured on 12 and Beyond, all hand-picked and designed to enhance your vocabulary. This collection of words represents a complete variety of real-world sources, including journalism, novels, and verbal speech, that caught my attention over the past year. And thus, this year’s purpose of Word Wise has been fulfilled- to assist both myself and others to have in-depth conversations, to write with an author’s vocabulary, and overall, gain confidence in the words we use to express ourselves. And more words await you too- visit the Word Wise page for the latest words as we begin 2018 with a theme of optimism. 

Please enjoy the complete 2017 Word Wise archive below.

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12 and Beyond in 2017 | A Year in Review

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So much happened in 2017, between our country, our culture, and our community. And despite the countless strifes we faced together throughout the year, we must also acknowledge what made the year great, and ring in 2018 with a face of optimism.

There are countless news outlets that have covered their stances on 2017 as a whole, but today, I want to focus on 2017 at a much smaller level, and acknowledge my own blog. There’s a lot that changed (for better or for worse) in regards to 12 and Beyond, so for now, let’s reflect on some of my favorite highlights.

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What the Holidays Mean to Me

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If I had to think of one word that encompasses the holiday season, it’d be family. And I’m sure that so many others share that same view- and perhaps that’s for a reason.

For me, the Holiday Season is made so magical simply because of the little joys that come along with it.

And I’m not just talking about Christmas morning. While coming downstairs on Christmas morning, taking in the elaborate array of presents my mom had set out for us, and unwrapping our presents together as a family is arguably one of the most special feelings of the holidays, there’s so much more to be found, if only you look for it.

I’m very corny when it comes to things like this- I get excited for the little traditions, even for things that would bore most people (especially those my age) out of their minds. That might mean spending hours on end wrapping presents for my sisters, or spending time looking around Crate and Barrel, picking out ornaments, stockings, and other elements to our celebration.

This Christmas, I’m not asking (nor have I ever) for the latest xBox, PlayStation, or whatever Nintendo console is all the rage today (is it the Switch that’s incredibly popular right now?). I’m asking instead for a very nice desk light, boxes of clothes from Abercrombie that still carry the scent of their Fierce colognes, among other, more sentimental gifts. And with that comes a greater appreciation for the holidays- you feel the desire to put more effort into the gifts and thoughts for others, as well as appreciate the effort that others put in for you.

Especially as you grow older, and grow out of the “Santa” stage, your whole perspective changes. Instead of being weighed down by my childhood beliefs being utterly contradicted, I found myself taking on new traditions. I’m in charge of moving our elves at night. I’m in on Santa’s gifts far in advance, and help my Mom with shopping and wrapping, which is so awesome, because my youngest sister is at her prime time when it comes to this. She continues to be filled with the childhood joy that comes from this time of year, and unlike I thought years ago, that feeling never really goes away. When I’m an adult and have kids, I’m sure I’ll be carrying the same passion along with me.

For now, there’s still so much joy to be found in the Holidays, between partaking in the annual Christmas cookie decorating, decorating the tree, waking up to snow covering the trees, stuffing stockings on Christmas Eve, and watching my sisters shriek with joy on Christmas morning.

Having been in this new position for a few years now, there’s so much to love about it. I still feel the same joy that would greet me Christmas morning for years, just in different ways. That, to me, is what makes the holidays so magnificent.

For the holidays, I want you to pass on this joy to others- to your siblings, your sons and daughters, to a random stranger on the street. Be optimistic about the future to come- the life we live now is so extraordinarily wonderful.

And so, I want to thank all of those who have visited 12 and Beyond as I matured over the past year. The passion for writing you have evoked out of me is something I’m so grateful for. I wish everyone the greatest of holidays!

Gabe ☃️

A Tail of Three Kittens | Part 4

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Welcome to the 2017 A Tail of Three Kittens 2017 Finale!

I’ve had a phenomenal time sharing photos and stories of our three kittens- and that’s not ending anytime soon. However, starting in January, A Tail of Three Kittens will be transitioning to a seasonal series. I’ll use today to catch us up to the present, but in reality, if I keep pushing out posts every month, the content will kind of become monotone (that’s why you won’t see many entries today that happened recently).

But for those cute, never-seen moments that we just happen to catch, they’ll be compiled into a seasonal post. It’ll consist of photo galleries and brief summaries of our time with our kittens. Here’s how the tentative new season will go:

  • Late January: Winter Update
  • Late April: Spring Update
  • Late August: Summer Update
  • Late November: Fall Update

But… I say tentative for a reason. It’s safe to assume that nothing dramatic will occur between now and the Winter Update (unless our kittens decide to leave us). With the Spring update though… it’s possible that either a) we no longer have kittens or b) our kittens are presently having more kittens.

The latter would mean even more episodes during the year. After the August edition, you’ll see monthly posts for the remainder of 2018. The first? The end. We’ll hope for the best, and see where the future takes us. For now, though, let’s start where I left you last.

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Preparing for the Holidays | French Connection

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The holidays are nearly here, and with it comes the final French Connection of the year!

We’ve been very busy in French class over the past few weeks, and so I’ll list some additional topics that we’ve discussed below that we won’t get to today.

The topics to be discussed today are in red:

  • Additional work with reflexive verbs (i.e. performing an action on SOMEONE ELSE)
    • This would be written similar to je vous écrire une lettre (I write you a letter)
  • Irregular forms of the passé composé using the verb avoir
    • I made a bonus Quizlet set based on this! Click here to access it!
  • Preparing for a party vocabulary
  • Asking for help

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Proving Segment Congruence | It All Adds Up

New It All Adds Up LogoFor necessary background information on this lesson, please click here.

Last time, we reviewed how to write a proof, and starting today, I’ll be sharing with you different purposes of writing proofs through basic geometry.

In Geometry class itself, we are about 3 chapters ahead of this, but given the importance of every postulate and theorem when writing proofs doesn’t allow for me to skip any content.

First off, let’s review what a postulate and a theorem are. You’ll see these terms many times over the coming months:

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Les Misérable’s I Dreamed A Dream | In Tune

New In Tune LogoGood morning! The Holiday season has begun on 12 and Beyond, and I thought I’d transition back to more traditional, more instrumental music from pop.

For those of you that don’t know, I play the viola in school. I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Orchestra pit for the Spring production of Les Misérables at my school, and I gladly joined. We’re several weeks into practice, and while the music is insanely difficult, I am loving the experience.

I haven’t actually seen the play myself (though I would love to at some point), but one of my friends described it as so heartfelt, and there were parts that made him cry. Having listened to the soundtrack, I can see why. As with most productions, it’s the soundtrack Related imagethat really defines the play, and this is no different. Today, I am highlighting the Broadway version of the song, “I Dreamed a Dream”, arguably one of the more iconic songs in the soundtrack. I want to ignore the vocals, though, as exceptional as they are, because in my case, I came to appreciate the orchestra behind it.

There is something about being in an Orchestra, and for me, that’s being able to hear the melodies taking place all around you, both from the cellos and violins. In my case, you get both the high sounds and the low sounds, while the violas are sort of in the middle. And you appreciate those melodies, and it begins to really take the form of a song- and being a part of that is such a great feeling. I’m so excited to play for the actual play, because you now have an actual purpose for playing- and once you really get into it, being part of something so powerful, it’s amazing.

The soundtrack in itself is just so beautiful. My favorite part of the song, “I Dreamed a Dream” is when it goes, “duh-duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh-duuuuuh” towards the end of the song, if you know what I mean. When combined with the strong brass section, it sounds phenomenal.

The emotion provoked by every song in the album, my favorite being ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, is so amazing. I’ve become so attached to it, and the end performance, combined with vocals, story, and Orchestra, will be a beautiful experience.

And you can share that experience, too. Having seen a Broadway play last spring, I was so inspired to further explore the world of theater, and this is my opportunity. I realized how amazing theater was too even at a local level, when my sister performed in a play over the Summer, and I was truly moved.

I encourage you to have a listen to the Soundtrack however you prefer to listen to music (I use Apple Music), or you can listen to the individual track, “I Dreamed a Dream”, by clicking here.

Thanks so much for reading! Check out the Post Calendar on the Sidebar to see when special Holiday editions release towards the end of the month!