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Hi there!

While this edition might seem a bit early, I try to correlate my in-class learning with what I publish here.

This edition involves aspects of different holidays (like the 4th of July & Christmas), but also gives vocabulary on different types of gifts for any occasion. Finally, you’ll learn a few phrases that will help you communicate using this vocabulary.

So, here’s the run down. Remember- the topics covered today are in red.

  • Aspects of various holidays
  • Vocabulary regarding gift-giving
  • Communication regarding gift-giving and holidays
  • Clothing Vocabulary (Review)
  • Communication regarding clothing and shopping (Review)

The vocabulary given in class has no order- it is really just an assortment of vocabulary words that go along with the theme of events & holidays, but you might find some of them useful to implement into french conversations.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.00.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.04.02 PM.png

Obviously, there are many, many nouns from that list. A lot of them have to do with French tradition (like a midnight feast on New Years Eve), but others tie in aspects of holidays here in the US (like Independence Day).

The most useful words on there, though, are the verbs: remercier and allumer are both er verbs. (Here’s how to conjugate them) They will be most useful in your conversations, as you can often use individual phrases to create a workaround around nouns (but not verbs). After all, a sentence must have a verb and a noun to be an independent clause. (We’re studying this in English)

In addition, you’ll also want to rely on this list of words to express opinion and thought and ask questions:

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.13.16 PM.png

For those phrases with … at the end, you can complete the sentence with vocabulary from the first list or previously learned vocabulary. For example…

Tu pourrais lui offrir une boîte de chocolats.

Je vous souhaite une très bon Noël!

Qu’est-ce que je pourrais offrir à mon grand-père?

One other verb I think you should know? Donner. It means to give, as in Je vais donner ma soeur une bouquet de fleurs pour son anniversaire.

Thanks so much for reading! You’ll find a link to this post’s Quizlet below.

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*12 and Beyond does not recommend that French Connection be used as a legitimate educational resource, as the content involved cannot be fully verified. Please continue to use French Connection as a personal resource.

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