June Calendar of Posts

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.23.34 PM.png

Things To Note:

  • June 1-20: As I do every year, I’ll be taking a posting break so that I can finish my 8th grade school year.
  • June 21: Though I’ve already mentioned it, I’ll be scheduling an official announcement regarding my Cross Country trip, which will begin the next day.
  • June 22-July 3: I’ll be on a Cross-Country trip. You’ll be able to reference the June 21st post for more details. During this time, a scheduled July Calendar of Posts will release.
  • Word Wise: While it may release in lump sums, Word Wise will release throughout the month. Visit the ‘Word Wise’ page for today’s word of the day!


Read the text under the calendar, as I explain how this month will go. If you can’t access the image, you can use the text below:

12 and Beyond will temporarily close from June 1st to July 3rd for summer updates and to allow myself to finish my 8th grade school year. In addition, I will be taking a cross-country train trip from June 22 to July 1. While I will not blog during this time, I may release several posts regarding this trip in the following days. A post regarding this trip will be released on June 21. For the month of June, no regularly scheduled posts will be published. Word of the Day will still release, though the words may be released in large sums at certain periods throughout the month, instead of daily. I’m looking forward to sharing some exciting stories from this month and to continue blogging in July. Happy Summer!


You can also access and enlarge the post calendar through the sidebar.

Since any posts released during June will be scheduled far in advance, I want to wish everyone a great start to Summer- I can’t wait to share about my trip!


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