January Calendar of Posts

Hi there! I’m starting something new this January. Instead of weekly schedules, I will plan out each individual date of each month. While my blog is currently on a holiday break, you can preview the schedule below.


As you can see, Word Wise posts will no longer have a daily post released (creating a post everyday set me far beyond schedule) and instead I will update the Word Wise page daily with the new word. Also please note the word possible on the calendar, but also apply it to every other item on the calendar (if you know me, I tend to fall behind on my post schedule). I’m also planning a possible release of a new post series. If I do decide to continue through with it, I’ll announce it on January 12, 4 days after my blog reopens.

To acknowledge the ~100 words I missed, I unfortunately have not decided to release posts for them. Instead, I will start fresh in January with the new post format. (You may notice that the page looks different before January 8th). I will also not be catching up on any other missed posts, as that would cause me to impact my current post-writing schedule.

As the last three boxes point out, I may release unscheduled posts, which may include a new writing piece (if I have one), etc. Please also note that dates listed in the calendar are very likely to change without notice.

Please also enjoy the new Winter theme on my blog as I work behind the scenes to give my blog a few updates during the holidays.

I sincerely wish everyone a fantastic holiday. Please spend time with your family, and enjoy the holidays while they are here! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


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