French Connection- Conjugating Faire, Aller, and Attendre

French Connection

Hello! For this lesson, I will be discussing the conjugations of three more verbs: Faire, Aller, and Attendre. These verbs mean to do/to make, to go, and to wait, respectively.

As usual, these verbs are converted into six forms, so here are faire, aller, and attendre in their conjugated forms:


JE- fais

TU- fais

IL/ELLE/ON- fait

NOUS- faisons

VOUS- faites



JE- vais

TU- vas


NOUS- allons (similar to stem-changing verbs, the nous and vous forms are the only forms that remain with the original spelling pattern)

VOUS- allez



JE- attends

TU- attends

IL/ELLE/ON- attend

NOUS- attendons

VOUS- attendez

ILS/ELLES- attendent

This is the last Thursday French Connection post of the summer. From now on, French Connection posts will be released on Friday.

Thanks for reading!


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