French Connection- Stem-Changing Words

French Connection

Hi there! Welcome to a new volume of French Connection! Today, I’ll continue discussing conjugating verbs, but the words we are dealing with today are considered stem-changing verbs.

The big difference with stem changing verbs is the direction of the accent, and if there is an accent at all. The changes from the original infinitive verb only occur in the nous and vous forms, however.

The two stem-changing verbs we learned this year were acheter and préférer. These verbs mean to buy and to prefer, respectively. Below are the conjugations for both verbs- pay attention to the accents!


JE- préfère (only the stem-changing verbs in the nous and vous forms follow the original accent direction for THIS verb)

TU- préfères

IL/ELLE/ON- préfère

NOUS- préférons (now the accent direction remains the same as the infinitive)

VOUS- préférez

ILS/ELLES- préfèrent


While the infinitive has no accents, only the stem-changing forms follow the original accent position, similar to préférer.

JE- achète

TU- achètes

IL/ELLE/ON- achète

NOUS- achetons

VOUS- achetez

ILS/ELLES- achètent

I still have more verbs to discuss, so stay tuned to the final Thursday French Connection of the summer a week from today.

Thanks for reading!


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