Words of the Week- November 29

word of the week

Hey guys! Here are five more words to add to your vocabulary, courtesy of Merriam Webster.

xanadu; noun: an idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place

Example Sentence: To Arthur, the beach house was a Xanadu, the perfect spot for the romantic tropical vacation he had dreamed of for years.

foreshorten; verb: to shorten by proportionately contracting in the direction of depth so that an illusion of projection or extension in space is obtained

Example Sentence: “The past is a giant foreshortened with his feet towards us; and sometimes the feet are of clay.”

nebula; noun: any of numerous clouds of gas or dust in interstellar space

Example Sentence: The explosion of a supernova leaves behind a nebula from which, upon cooling, new stars and planets may develop.

vicinity; noun: the quality or state of being near : proximity

Example Sentence: There are several wonderful little stores in the vicinity of our new house.

ruly; adjective: obedient, orderly

Example Sentence: As far as groups of young children go, this one was unusually ruly: the youngsters were all fully engaged in building with a large set of colored blocks.

Thanks for reading! More words coming next week!


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