Book Review- Son of Neptune


Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

Rating: 5 Stars

Reason: I absolutely loved this book. I enjoyed hearing from a new set of characters, and even at a new camp. It was really intense, but gets you hooked right away.

Overall Description: Percy. Along with Jason, they both have their memory stolen and are transported to the opposite camp. For Percy, that’s camp Jupiter. He starts out by being chased by a few gorgons, and then carrying an old goddess across the Tibet. Could things be any wierder? Percy then meets Frank and Hazel, and the camp praetor, Reyna. He has no memory, except for one name: Annabeth. He instantly befriends Frank and Hazel, and before long learn about the Prophecy of the Seven, where seven demigods will unite from both camps (Half-blood and Jupiter)  At night, Percy is assigned to Cohort 5 and is allowed to stay in camp. Before too long, these demigods are sent on a quest to defeat an Alaskan giant. Meanwhile, Gaea has plans to destroy both camps. She sends thousands of monsters to conquer Camp Jupiter. After Percy, Frank, and Hazel defeat the giant and are able to return home, they must fight off the monsters and help Camp Jupiter survive. In The Son of Neptune, Frank, Hazel, and Percy meet for the first time. As the book goes on, they go on a large quest, meet gods and goddesses, get claimed by their godly parents, and keep Camp Jupiter secure. And during an intense series of events, Frank will see his grandmother one last time and inherent the family gift. Will the demigods be able to save the camp, with a new great prophecy being formed?

Recommendation: Absolutely!

Stay tuned for a book review on the third book in the series, The Mark of Athena.

Thanks for reading!


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