Book Review- Independant Study


Independant Study by Joelle Charbonneau

Rating: 5 Stars

Reason: Definitely an improvement from the first book. I was hooked right away. It is still narrated by Cia, who while in the story lost her memory, but writes as if she still has them. I really enjoyed this book!

Overall Description: Cia has passed the testing. But she has no memories of it. A man named Michal expresses interest in her. A boy named Tomas- from her own colony- also seems to know her extremely well. Not sure who to trust, Cia begins her Early Studies. She studies the history of the country, what lies beyond, mathematics, science, and several others. Professer Lee, her teacher, has kept an eye on her since day one. There is talk of a rebellion- for what? What could possibly be wrong with the testing? Cia is also able to contact her family. Her family believes in her. She will do whatever it takes to pass Early Studies. After months of preparation, it is time for the final test. Will she pass and move on to University, and help revitalize the land that was ruined during the seven stages of war? Or will she be Redirected; to where? With so many mysteries being uncovered, will Cia handle the pressure and move on to the next stage?

Recommendation: I would recommend this book! Just make sure to read the first book, The Testing, to have the background knowledge you’ll need during this book.

I have also finished the most intense book in the series, Graduation Day. My review for it will be published on Saturday. Thanks for reading!


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