Words of the Week- October 11th

word of the week

Hey guys! Here are 5 more words, courtesy of Merriam Webster!

luminary; noun: a person of prominence or brilliant achievement

Example Sentence: The marble wall facing the entrance to the school’s science building is engraved with the names of luminaries from the fields of chemistry, physics, and biology.

wooden; adjective: made or consisting of wood

Example Sentence: In the early days of basketball, baskets were often attached to balconies over which interfering spectators could lean—until wooden backboards made that interference impossible.

incidence; noun: angle of incidence

Example Sentence: The neighborhood boasts excellent schools and a low incidence of crime.

reprise; noun: a recurrence, renewal, or resumption of an action

Example Sentence: “Jo Anne Worley … returns to Palm Springs this weekend for a reprise of her music and comedy act, ‘For the Love of Broadway,’ at the Purple Room Restaurant & Stage.”

xeric; adjective: characterized by, relating to, or requiring only a small amount of moisture

Example Sentence: She is a botanist who primarily studies deserts and xeric shrublands.

Thanks for reading! Come back next week for even more words!


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