Words of the Week- September 20th

word of the week

Hey guys. I know this didn’t work last week, but lets try again! Here are five new words courtesy of Merriam Webster!

incandescent; adjective: white, glowing, or luminous with intense heat

Example Sentence: The attic was lit by a single incandescent bulb, but that was all the light we needed to read the labels on the storage boxes.

neoteric; adjective: recent in origin : modern

Example Sentence: The book’s dialogue is peppered with neoteric slang and jargon that can be challenging for the reader to decode.

haptic; adjective: relating to or based on the sense of touch

Example Sentence: Apple’s Ipad is haptic, and responds whenever a finger touches the screen.

modicum; noun: a small portion : a limited quantity

Example Sentence: If you had possessed a modicum of sense, you would have paused to think before accepting such a dangerous job.

quondam; adjective: former, sometime

Example Sentence: Many people were surprised to learn that the quondam poet and professor had since become an accountant.

Come back next week for another set of words! Thanks for reading!


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