French Lesson of the Week- September 5th

French Connection

Hey guys! For this week’s lesson, I’ll give you a few more words that I have learned in french class, as well as two words from

Here are a few words I’ve learned in the past week:

Jaune- Yellow

Je Mappelle- My Name Is

Sir- Monsieur

Une- A

le- The

Le portable/le mobile- Cell phone

l’amir- Friend

a’ faire- Do Now

Framboise- Raspberry

And now two words of the day, courtesy of

la hanche; /lah-hahnch/ noun; hip

Example Sentence (French/English): Ma tante s’est fait poser une prothèse de la hanche ; depuis elle marche à nouveau avec plaisir. | My aunt got a hip replacement; ever since then she enjoys walking again.

perduer; /purr-dew-err/; noun: to endure

Example Sentence (French/English): Dans les petits villages français, la veillée de Noël à l’église est une coutume qui perdure depuis le Moyen-âge. | In small French villages, spending Christmas Eve in church is a custom which has endured since the Middle-Ages.

Thanks for reading! Come back next week for even more words!

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