Words of the Day- June 24

word of the day

English and French Words of the Day- June 24


anastrophe; adjective: inversion of the usual syntactical order of words for rhetorical effect

Example sentence: My father was fond of word play, especially anastrophe, when he talked to my sister and me about things we would rather not talk about; he would say things like “Tired you are not but to bed you must go.”


chariot; /cher-e-it; noun: cart

French Sentence: Le porteur qui livre les paquets à notre bureau le matin a un chariot très chargé ; ça ne doit pas être facile.

English Sentence: The person who delivers packages to our office in the morning has a very loaded cart; it mustn’t be easy.

Come back tomorrow for another set of words! For even more words, visit the Word Wise page!


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